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TEAMBACKPACK / LIVE ART NY CYPHER with Denzil Porter, Siimba & Wam G (Denzil Porter verse of the year?!)

  • 6 September, 2015
  • by Denzil Porter

Denzil is becoming recognized as a powerful force on the teambackpack platform, His performance in this most recent cypher has the people of TBP and the fans questioning if Denzil Porter may possibly have verse of the year

[INTERVIEW] Denzil Porter Kicks it with @EncoreRadioShow Podcast.

  • 6 August, 2015
  • by Denzil Porter

Denzil Porter Kicks it with the Encore Radio show and its new setup as a podcast. The white rum was in the building, and you can hear the rooms mood change.

[NEW VIDEO] Denzil Porter – To The Benchwarmers (Feat Swerve Mitch)

  • 17 july, 2015
  • by Denzil Porter

Hip Hop artist Denzil Porter releases a video for “To The Benchwarmers” off his latest mixtape “BarKING.” Porter & his hometown colleague Swerve Mitch, who happens to be the only feature on BarKING; layer heavy bars on this Queens bridge classic.


6 August, 2015

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22 May, 2015


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